Service packages and prices. Wedding photographer

  “Wedding Classic”

  • Pre-wedding consultation 
  • Full wedding day (up to 12 hours of shooting)
  •  700-900 photos processed in brand style 
  • The photo return period is 1-2 months
  •  Online gallery
  •  Announcement within 10 days
  •  (The cost of the transfer is paid additionally)

Price 500Є

Service packages and prices. Wedding photographer

 “Wedding Premium”

  • Pre-wedding consultation 
  • 2 photographers 
  • Full wedding day (up to 12 hours of shooting) 
  • 900-1100 photos processed in branded style
  •  Photo book layout and printing (30×30 by 20 spreads) 
  • The photo return period is up to 1 month
  •  Announcement within 7 days 
  • Online gallery 
  • Love story photo (before or after the wedding)
  •  (Transfer fee is paid additionally)

Ціна 950Є 

Additional Services:

-Continuation of filming on the wedding day — 50 € / year
-Premium quality photo book (30 × 30) — price from 200€
-Urgent photo processing up to 10 days — 100 €

— Payment is made on the wedding day in full (according to the price)
— Packages can be adjusted
— The deposit is made in the amount of 100 €. Only the deposit guarantees the booking of your date


How do we get a photo?

Once the photos are ready, you will immediately have access to an online gallery that stores your photos for 6 months. After that, I will also give you a branded drive with a box.

How many photos will we receive?

The packages indicate the minimum that you are guaranteed to receive. Photos are selected and processed in detail. I do not think that photos with closed eyes will interest you. Therefore, in the end you will receive only high-quality, selected, processed material.

Can we get “raw” material?

Especially for you, I have prepared such a service. If you wish, you can get all the material that I shot for the whole wedding, for an additional fee.

What is branded processing?

I appreciate naturalness! Both in emotions and in the color of the photo. Especially for this, I developed a color correction profile that leaves the photo clean, without unnecessary shades and colors. You can see examples in the Portfolio section of the website.